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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last Post Of 2009

Okay I admit that I neglected my blog for the past few months. But how would I not post something on the very last minute of 2009!

This is post 26 of the year and 26 is one of my favourite number.
That is why I must post this up before it hits 0000 hrs on the 1st of January 2010

Basically I would sum up 2009 in a four-letter-word:

Thank you very much.

Have blessed new year 2010! Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How's Life Treating You Lately?

My answer would nevertheless be:
a) Bad
b) Sucks
c) Terrible
d) Miserable
e) Horrible
f) Stressful
g) Hectic
h) Tired
i) Frustrating
j) Restless
k) All the above stated
Since end of April 2009, I've been participating in many activities which now causes me to not have any time to rest. Most of the activities are hectic but meaningful, some are relaxing, but some, which I just realised, are pointless.

After almost 3 months / 12 weeks / 90 days, I'm still in this condition. It seriously worries me, 'cause uni semester has already started for a month and I still do not have the time to seriously care about my studies. I don't even have the time and reason to be happy. Or I should say, I'm not enjoying and not happy with the current situation. I'm not in good mood these months due to the lack of ample rest and I'm afraid that I might collapse or loose my temper any time now.
I've always thought that if I were a GPS Receiver, I will recalculate my route to reach my destination. Hence from now onwards, I will do what's best for me: to reconsider all my previous decisions, stop/limit on my participation in activities and focus more on my academics.
Although I'm currently holding positions in some activities (especially one of them, which takes up most of my time & I had to sacrifice many other experience & opportunities, just because of it), I might consider choosing not to bother anything else other than what I want to focus on. You can call me irresponsible and I shall call you inconsiderate.
I'm considering to 放手,放开所有。

All I need now is a trouble, stress-free, good long rest.
I think it's time for me to cut the crap and save the trouble.

I need this badly!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

University of Malaya Information Technology Fiesta

University of Malaya Information Technology Fiesta (UMiTF '09) is one of the university's mega event co-organised by the Student Representative Council of University Malaya (MPMUM) and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM / FSCIT).

The event starts from the 24th of July 2009 and ends on the 29th of July 2009. This 6-day event comprises ICT fair, Cyber Games & ICT and Robotics Exhibition. Below are the details of the event.


ICT Fair

Date: 24- 26 July 2009 (Friday - Sunday)

Time: 11.00 a.m. – 8.30p.m

Venue: Tunku Chancellor Hall (DTC)

Event Highlights:

- More than 40 booths selling off their products by offering jaw-dropping discounts and promotions.

- Various kind of computer accessories and electronic devices raging from computers, cameras, printers, mp3 players and many more!

- Attractive door gifts will be given to visitors everyday, while stock lasts !

- Lucky draw

- Join the Cyber Games Tournament (DoTA) and stand a chance to win huge amount of cash prizes.


DoTA Tournament

Date : 24 of July to 26 of July 2009

Time : 11.00AM to 8.00PM

Venue : Stage, Tunku Chansellor Hall, UM.

Fees & Prizes :-

The participation fee for a team of five is RM75.00

Participants will stand a chance to experience the power of RAZER products!

Champion : RM650 with 5 x Warcraft 3 Battle Chest sponsored by SMM

1st Runner up : RM450

2nd Runner up: RM250

For registration and enquiries, please contact JIM at 017-521 5521 or

*Tournament Rules and Regulations



DATE : 27 July –29 July 2009

TIME : 10.00 a.m. –5.30p.m.


What do we have in our IT Exhibition?

- Robotic research presentation by Professor Albert Yeap from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand.

- Products and research exhibit by top-notch technology companies.

- UM FCSIT lecturers’ research

- UM FCSIT master-degree students' research

- UM FCSIT undergraduate students' final year projects


Main sponsors:-

Official Media Partner :-

Special Thanks To:-

Feel free to log on to our website for more information.

Don't miss the fun!! See you there!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Secret

This is a multiple password protected text.
Please enter any of the passwords to reveal this secret.

Password 1 hint: The feilou who drives a maroon colour Kancil.(2 words, as usual, both words are capitalized) ;)

Alternatively, if you do not know the previous answer, try this:

Password 2 hint: Surname of the person who acted as Chang Er (Goddess of the Moon) in PTCC 2008. (it's capitalized) ;)



Since some of you demanded for an update, so here's a brief one.

End of April to 1st week of May - Final Exams
2nd week of May - Langkawi trip
3rd week of May - AIESEC National Pioneers Camp 2009 in YMCA Ipoh
4th week of May - Bali trip
5th week of May to 2nd week of June - Village Community Service in Gertak Sanggul, Penang
3rd week of June - AIESEC National Convention 2009 in UKM
4th week of June - Preparation for AIESEC's recruitment drive and supporting UM Information Technology Fiesta. + Some random outings.

So this is one heck of a "holiday" for me. I've been very very busy since 2 months ago.
And it's getting more intense towards this coming July.
Not liking it but still doing, what the heck?!

Perhaps, if time allows, I will post about some of the things I'd gone through this holidays.

In the mean time, would you guys just give me some break?

Beauty And The Beast

I'm sure many of you had seen a famous Disney story, Beauty & The Beast.
Have you ever wonder why did Bella, the village girl end up falling in love with the cruel, ugly beast in the castle, instead of choosing the handsome guy from her village?

This happens in the real world too.
Pretty girls end up being with ugly dudes.
& handsome dudes end up being with the not-so-pretty girls.

Base on my observations and after doing some reasoning & calculations:

A girl has the rights to choose who she wants to be with, yes?
So let's talk about the pretty girls first.

Undeniably, pretty girls have an advantage over the other girls simply because they have more options.

The reason they would rather choose to be with ugly dudes because they want to avoid the risk when being with handsome dudes. Handsome dudes are not so faithful to their partner (varies individually). They might easily fall in love with someone else because any girl would like to be with them.

So pretty girls prefer to be with ugly dudes, because ugly dudes usually are more faithful to their partners, especially the pretty ones. Provided if there is no other pretty girl who likes them at the same time.

So, after every ugly dudes in the world has been "grabbed" by the pretty girls, the remaining ones are the handsome dudes.

And now the not-so-pretty girls have an advantage here, unless the handsome dudes prefer to be either gay, or single for life.

In conclusion, this will be a Win-Win situation - for the girls.

As for the dudes, if you would like to have a pretty partner, be ugly!
To the handsome ones: don't worry mate, if you want to have a pretty wive, you might need to sacrifice some of your handsomeness & pray hard that a pretty lady will choose to be with you.

Look at the people around you. I would say this is quite true and the hypothesis turns out to be pretty accurate.

Ooo... Yeah!

=) Cheers!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Public & Private Apology

Dear all,

I know it is neither Thanks Giving nor the first day of the New Year.
But, I am here today to sincerely apologise to everyone, yes, i mean EVERYONE that I know. For all & whatever reasons I previously had done, either right or wrong, truth or lie, hurt or cheered, happy or sad.


And you do not have to forgive me.
Because today, I realise...

My Parking Experience

This happened an hour ago.
I reached the library on my dad's car.
Parked the car.
While I was packing my stuffs to be brought into the library,
a car stopped a distance behind, waiting...

Man: Honk!
I thought the man wanted to park at the empty space behind my vehicle, so I went back & look at the space & wondered what is the problem.
Me: Ok what, there's plenty of space available. Come on in.
Man: Dei, it's not for parking lah.
Me: Oops sorry. =P

Then I drove off and look for another space.
After a while I saw the man parked at a space just opposite of the place I previously parked at.
I walked towards his vehicle.

Me: Excuse me, this space is not for parking either!
Man: ... walked off.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Declaration Of The Alternative

The waves of hectic & oversaturation-ness strikes back again. This time, it will last for a very-super-duper-hyper-ultra-extra long period of time.

Due to the lack of time to blog, I'll be using a microblogging tool called Twitter as my quickie blog (situated just on the upper right column of this page), just for the time being.

This is simply because Twitter has a 140 letters limit, just like text messaging, so I can save some time while I still be able to update some of my activities, thoughts, etc.

Most importantly, it's already a hype thing in the US and people around the world are starting to follow the trend.

Moreover, I daresay that the Twitter trend is on the rise because it comes second after Facebook & it might outdo Facebook in the near future. Even Google wanted to buy over the service.

Find out more about Twitter & get an account for yourself too. -> Click on the picture below.

Twit on, folks!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Festive Greetings

In conjuction with a few New Year celebrations of different cultures especially in the South and Southeast Asian countries, the Vaisakhi (Punjabi/Sikh), Puthandu (Tamil), Nepalise, Thai, Lao, Burmese & Cambodian New Years, not forgetting Easter Day celebrated by Christians last Sunday.

I'm going to show you a wonderful video clip performance (again?) from Britain's Got Talent (not again!) back in 2008.

Suleman Mirza & Madhu Singh, who formed a dance group called Signature thrilled the crowd with their Michael Jackson's infamous groin-covering-moonwalking plus a blend of Bhanggra style dance, which got them to the finals.

Perfect for this festive season. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson's Billy Jean remixed by Punjabi MC
One of my favourite mixes.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Never Judge People By Their Looks - Talent Contests

Remember William Hung? The She-Bangs dude from American Idol in 2004. Yea yea, that cute, not-so-good-looking, baby faced, goofy Chinese who got famous without having to get through the audition. All he did was just turning up for the audition, did his daisy doos & groovy moves, and wallah...he's famous.


About a week ago, in a talent contest called Britain's Got Talent 2009, 60 year-old telephone engineer, Andy Demetriou turned up for the audition & managed to annoy as well as entertain the judges & crowd with his cool dance moves, but did not managed to pass the audition.


Now, let me show you that not all Willy Hungs sing badly.

On the same day, Susan Boyle, currently the most talked about 47-year-old lady from a village in Scotland, shocked the judges and audience when she sang marvelously in her audition - like an angel.

Before that, many people were laughing in sarcasm on her appearance & age, but they could never imagine that the person standing in front of them could actually stunt everybody with her wonderful vocals. Thank God there's no age limit set for the contestants.

This is undoubtly a must-watch.

A video of the Scot's audition uploaded on Youtube has been watched over 16.5 million times in just 6 days, and an astounding 28 million views in total for all the videos of her on YouTube so far! The internet community around the world is talking about her. People were so impressed that they helped set up an official site of her: and also a couple of fan sites too. 

Even one of the judges, Simon Cowell - who is famous for his sarcastic remarks in the American Idol series was so impressed that he stood up and applauded.

With the potential and fame, it's never too late for her to start her career in singing.
I sincerely salute this auntie...


Last year, cute 6 year-old Connie Talbot sang her way to finals with her Sound-Of-Music-like vocals. And she is now a famous kid.


In 2007, Paul Potts, a mobile phone salesman, was also another great jaw-dropper participant, had a similar situation sang an opera piece by the late Luciano Pavarotti during the contest, had won the competition.

He is now famous & his albums are selling like hot cakes across the world. He's going to publish his 2nd album very soon.


In American idol 2006, an audition contestant, Briana Davis. Not many people can accept her style but she can really sing! See for yourself. She passed her audition and had the chance to get to Hollywood.


Lets look at the seems-confident-and-arrogant-but-worthy ones, shall we?

An all-men dance group who dare call themselves Flawless proved the audience right by throwing out a near synchronous dance act in front of the judges and trilled the whole crowd during the Britain's Got Talent audition this year.

Awesome performance, ha ha, well done!

So, do you still wanna judge people by their appearance?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Embarrassment To The Society

I accidentally stumbled onto an advertisement which brings me to this site:

Racist Assault? at the Ministry of Sound Nightclub? Sunway Lagoon Hotel? Oh My God, how could the patrons (bouncers) from Euphoria do this to their guests, especially foreigners - an Aussie. And now the victim is advertising over the internet to gather witnesses so that he could take his revenge by filing a suit on that incident. Great...

For those who might not know, the Aussies, Americans & the Europeans are very, I mean extremely particular about their rights. They will do what ever it takes to protect their rights. Which includes taking actions that might jeopardise their life or their financial status, as long as they get their rights back. Unlike us, everything can be settled by paying cash or treating a meal. Seriously no bullshitting here, I myself had encountered some sort of consumer rights issue in Oz so I know, though it was just a tiny winnie matter. Maybe you should try it, I'm sure you'll be amazed.

What's even great is, after a brief check on the site, I found out that the main page is a NATIONWIDE business directory used by Aussie businessmen. Wow...

Probably the victim wanted to invest or start a business here, after this ordeal, I'm very sure that he has lost his confidence when working with Malaysians, or worst, staying in Malaysia. This might create a wave effect which will lead to the defamation our country among the victim's family, friends, community and even his country.

We are lucky because the victim chose to respect the country by not stating it in his advertisement. But why are we treating them the opposite way?

How many times did our government, teachers & parents told us to behave ourselves & not make a fool of ourselves & our country?

Where is the Malaysian hospitality? Treat your guests just like your pets and Barbie dolls, not aliens, monsters or intruders.

Local racism is already enough, please do not ever extend the behavior to foreigners unless you choose to be kind & don't want them to miss out the "fun". Then I suppose this would be your interpretation of the Malaysia Boleh spirit... I have nothing much to say.

Like what Mr. Linggam always said: This is an embarrassment to the society-Lah!

It Pays For Posting Up Stupid Videos On YouTube

2 days ago, 2 Domino's Pizza employees from the US, Kristy & Michael finally learned their lesson when they got themselves fired, and quite possibly sued hours after videos of their unsanitary behaviors while preparing their unlucky customers' orders were posted up on YouTube went popular.

The utter-idiotic couple never had thought when they were recording the footage, that the moment they upload the videos, there will be people watching it. Public who saw the video tracked down the store & alerted Domino's Corporations on the whereabouts of the franchise. Their stupid actions has deeply tarnished the reputation Domino's Pizza has built over the years.

Good job! Enjoy the videos...

And this is what I call disgusting.
Who knows our food were not being treated just the same way they did, or worst? *Hmm... Mmm~...Finger-licking Good...

Although internet provide space for people to have the "Power", being virtually "anonymous" & freedom to speak & express themselves, this is definitely not a good way to make use of it. At the end of the day, you are responsible for what you've did, even if it is done virtually.

Lesson of the day:
How would you know these things do not happen at your area?
So if possible, cook it yourself!
Haha. Good luck with the yummy-ness ;-)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What Should You Prepare For An Architecture Course Admission Interview?

This is a copy of the email I sent to my friend who got offer letters to Malaysian local public university's architecture course admission interview.
Although I did not get through the interview last year, I just want to help those who are preparing for it, especially those who are doing their last minute preparations before the interview.

First of all, Congratulations to you

Before i start, there is something you should know.
Architectural studies is NOT EASY.

From what I'd experienced, understand, learned and heard form my seniors,
You must have interest (I'm sure you have this), be 100% committed, have passion and constantly creative if you want to study architecture.

Many students QUITED and changed course half way because they think that the course doesn't suit them.
The lifestyle you have when you're studying architecture is very much the same as you'll have in the future when you work.

The lifestyle of an architecture student:
- Must be constantly creative and inspired
- Have to stay up late at night just to finish the project or worst, NO SLEEP for 24hrs.
- Hectic life, hardly you'll have time to spend on other things.
- You'll always stick to your course mates and hardly you will get to know people from other courses because you'll be busying with your coursework
- Able to cope with stress, pressure and fatigue.
- Able to accept criticism from professionals - lecturers, which are architects themselves.
- Have projects and presentation almost every week.
- Able to accept bad grades. It's not easy to get A in architecture although you're good at it,
because architecture is a very abstract and subjective field, lecturers usually give a maximum of grade B and hardly they'll give A.
- Something you might think is nice, but others might think it's crap.
- Something which is right can be twist and turn to wrong. This is what architecture is.
- and these will be more of less the same when you work in the future.

Initially I was very determined to do architecture, I even planned to switch my course to it. But after I got advices from my seniors, I found out that it's not that I do not have interest or cannot accept the lifestyle, I just do not have enough creative ideas to be squeezed out from my mind every week.

I'm not trying to demotivate you, I just wanna help you to ensure that you are very clear of what you want, so you can make a wise decision and do not regret in the future.


You must be prepared,
Read more about this field, the roles, the responsibility,
besides designing new buildings, architects also in charge of urban planning, building pipe and water works planning, building conservation works, eg. heritage buildings. etc.

what is LAM - Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia and their roles,
what is PAM - Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia,
the papers you're going to seat as an architecture student
- LAM Part 1 and Part 2 in Univeristy, then work for a few years, and if you want, take LAM Part 3 - The professional paper in malaysia, if you pass, you'll get the title "Ar." - just like doctor(Dr.)
Other accreditations - RIBA,... etc.

If possible, go and visit PAM's office at 4 & 6 Jalan Tangsi 50480 Kuala Lumpur, near bulit aman, opposite of the selengor clubhouse, dataran merdeka and bank negara,
They have a small library. Check out their books.

Most local universities need their students to pass LAM part 1 to be allowed to do Part 2, except UTM - you do not need to do Part 1 in UTM(if i'm not mistaken).
Only UM will automatically give RIBA after you've passed Part 2.

Other private Unis: Many are not recognized by PAM.
Taylors - only provide Part 1, then you'll have to go to Australia to take Part 2.
Alfa - only offer diploma courses,
UCSI - you have to finish it in Scotland
LimKokWing - Extremely Expensive.

The interview:
Last year I had sat for the test and interviewed by lecturers from UTM. They only took half of the applicants.

There were 3 parts:
1. Aptitude test
2. Drawing test
3. Interview

Dress code: Formal

1. Aptitude test:

paper test on your understanding on architecture, skills and knowledge.
Remember to study on perspective drawing - x,y,z axis and plan (just like the one we studied in Kemahiran Hidup), and focus point.
-What is sustainable architecture?
Memorize the famous architect names and works of:
-local architects: Dr. Ken Yeang, Tengku Robert Hamzah...
-foreign architects: eg. Frank Gehrey, Le Corbusier...etc.etc
KLCC architect: Cesar Pelli
KLIA Architect:
Menara TM: Hijjas Kasturi
The tallest builing : Burj Dubai
China Olympic stadium & swimming pool..... etc.
they'll ask you for your favourite architect or their works (you must know even you don't know any). remember the spellings as well

Types of architecture style : Post War, Art Deco, Gothic, Victorian, Modern.. etc.


2. Drawing test:

I had this along with the aptitude test,
The title was an imaginary scene
Remember to bring your pencils, eraser, pen, some colour pencils.
Practice and pay attention on your strokes, tones, perspective, shadow and DETAILS.
All they want to see is your confidence in drawing.
so try not to use ruler when drawing buildings.
You must also be good at drawing people, objects, furniture, car, plants, landscape,.. etc

If you have no idea what they want, ask them, or try your best to draw something nice...
Try to recall a scene and draw it out.. use your imagination.


3. Interview:

In English and Malay
Remember to bring the stuff they mentioned in the letter, your certs, testimonials and your PORTFOLIO/SKETCHBOOK. (If you do not have any, get a sketchbook or papers and draw nice things on it!) Show them your drawings. If they love it and they ask whether they can keep it, give them, most probably you'll pass the interview and test.=)

The moment you walk into the room,
Stay calm (Though you're not)
Maintain natural
Don't Panic
Greet the interviewer/s
No dramatic actions - Don't bow or curtsey- Unless you/they are Japanese or Korean
Speak to them just like how you talk to your friends
Remember to get to know their names - very important and useful!

They'll ask you to introduce yourself
Why do you want to study the course
Probably your favourite architect / building and describe them
Ask you some general knowledge questions eg, who's the prime minister of Malaysia,
what do you think of the unrest in Thailand, etc.
Maybe some stupid questions:
do you have friends from other ethnics, Name 10 of them,
if you were the minister, what will you change?
what are you reading?
what will you do if you don't pass this?
- just to test your confidence.

The softwares architect use to design:


These are the websites that you MUST READ:

websites of the university faculty that offer the course

-Extremely useful for your interview-
So you're interested in ARCHITECTURE?, An academic guide to become an Architect:


& others: online forums, Google & Wikipedia for the topic!

Recommended book: Architecture: Space, Form and Order by D.K.Ching


You might not have enough time to prepare for this saturday if you start now. Coz I did my preparation quite early.

Anyway, just focus on the 2 Forums & Tanggam, prepare your portfolio, practice your drawing skills and memorize some architecture names, terms (eg. facade, plan) and building.

Should you have any questions, you can ask Azarimy - aka. Mister Architect in the Forum, don't hesitate to post up any questions there. I'm sure they'll answer any of their questions.

You can also ask me any questions, I'll try my best to help.

I hope my email will help you save some time on your preparation.
I tried to feed as much info as possible that i have. So i think this is all i have. If there's anything i left out I'll email you next time.

Give it your best shot, never give up and All The Best to you! You Can Do It!

Enjoy the experience ! =)


Forgive me if there're any mistakes, I just write what I'd experienced.
Good Luck !

Add ons:
Hey guys, thanks for posting so many questions,
I wished I could reply them on time, but unfortunately I couldn't,
If you have any questions, you could drop me an email at "jyphoon" - on gmail address.

For what is required to bring: Bring everything you could for drawing or should I say - Sketching: ie pencils, sharperner, erasers, colour pencils (if you want).

Yes you can 1st do a diploma and then continue with a degree in Architecture, so no worries on that.

Regarding the Kolej Laila Taib(KLT) whether or not they offers LAM papers. I've no idea, you'll have to call them up, meet them in person and ask about it.

If you're unsure. Call up and ask. There's no harm asking the right questions to the right people at the right time.

All the best to you guys!
Friday, 3 April 2009

Glad That I'm Alive

Back in my early teens, I was known as the fearless, the Bin Tai Lou (insane dude), the not-afraid-to-die, the brave, and the steady one. Generally I'm not afraid to die, no matter what happen to me. But for the very first time in my life, I'm just like most people, I experience the fear.

It happened yesterday afternoon when I was in the study room doing my group assignment report. Ah Fei came in & told us that there is a Nestcafè truck outside giving out free coffee drinks. He also said that I can fill up my bottle with them if I want.

I stopped drinking coffee for a couple of years because I knew I'll get headache every time I consume them. But due to temptations of getting it for free, plus my bottle is already empty, I went there with my 1.5L bottle and filled them up. I also informed some of my friends about the free drinks.

Initially I wanted to safe some so I can drink whenever I feel sleepy.
As I was cracking my mind doing the reports, for every once a while, I took sips of the drink, just like what I normally do with plain water.
But because the drink was cold & refreshing, without noticing I'd finished more than half of the bottle, approximately 750ml.

Really need to thank Ho Lim for stopping me or I would continue & finish the drink before I notice. After a while, as usual, I get headaches, but this time it's a severe one. My brain felt like a bomb, as if it's vibrating vigorously & going to burst & I also felt like throwing up - common symptoms of caffeine overdose, which might lead to death. Which I never thought I'll experience it in my life.

At that moment, I was afraid to die, plainly because there are people counting on me to finish those 2 assignments. If I go down now, they will have more burden & some might need to start doing things from scratch.

I don't blame anyone for that, not Ah Fei nor the guy giving out free coffee drinks.
All I blame is myself for being greedy & Nestcafè. Because caffeine is a very addictive agent & it drains calcium in bones but Nestcafè is distributing them to people for free so that people can buy Anelene when they get older. Good business strategy!

After the ordeal, I promise myself that I will never ever consume coffee or tea (which is also good calcium drainer) in my life, unless needed.

Ps. I'm still not afraid to die, Under the circumstance that there's nothing or nobody is counting on me. So, bring it on! =)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Switch Off For Earth Hour 2009

Sign up for Earth Hour

Dear Citizens of the EARTH,

Come this Saturday, 28th of March 2009, 2030 Hrs - 2130 Hrs (Local Time). Thousands of towns and cities across 81 countries around the world have committed to support the vote for action on CLIMATE CHANGE by Voting Earth for EARTH HOUR 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and Global Warming.

EARTH HOUR was started in Sydney by WWF in 2007 where 2.2 Million homes & businesses turned off their lights for an hour. Following the success that year, EARTH HOUR went global, many countries gave their support for the event in 2008.

This historic event will involve millions of people gather in parks, streets and homes around the world to witness the lights going out on iconic landmarks & city skylines.

Governments, Companies and Organisations also show their support by switching off unessential lights of their buildings and power-plants. This event has been advertised across mass media to create awareness among the public on this historical event and urges people to support the act to FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE.

The objective is to get 1 Billion votes to be brought up to the world leaders during Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 which will determine official government policies to take action against Global Warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol


This is the first time for Malaysia to join this global initiative.
WWF Malaysia is targeting 5 million sign-ups for this historic event.

Many local celebrities gave their support by spreading the message in mass media advertisements. Over 300 companies, schools, universities and organisations had pleged to contribute to this event by switching off lights in their buildings and offices.

TV and Radio Station Companies such as Media Prima, RTM & ASTRO also do their bit by donating their advertisement spaces for EARTH HOUR to promote public awareness on climate change.
Fly FM, Hot FM
, One FM & 8TV will cut off their boardcasting duing that hour in support for this event.

The KL City Hall (DBKL) will shut off lights in Dataran Merdeka and also a few of thier buildings and offices on that hour.

Huge companies such as Genting Berhad, Sunway Berhad & YTL Corporation (Which owns a super long list of properties including hotels, malls & buildings) will go dark in support of the cause.

Even Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Penang Bridge, KL Central & Sunway Integrate Resort (Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway University College, etc.) also join EARTH HOUR by switching off all non-essential lights on the hour.



Remember, Global Warming is caused by human and it is our responsibility to solve it.

All we need to do is by just turning off all switches for ONE HOUR regardless where you live during EARTH HOUR - 8.30pm - 9.30pm (Local Time), Saturday, March 28 2009.

Do inform your family and friends about this global initiative to fight global warming. =)

ps. I know just the perfect place to witness this event in Kuala Lumpur. =)