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Monday, 26 January 2009

My Chinese New Year / 21st Birthday

Just like past years, celebrating Chinese New Year in KL is very, very boring. The same old sets of houses to visit & the same to meet. Shops are closed for a couple of days, thus not many Chinese food stalls to eat out except at restaurants.

Big Apple Donut and Coffee's packing in conjunction of the festival


However, there is a little difference this year as my Birthday falls on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. Although there are no friends to celebrate with me, I got super big prezzies and super big red packets (ang pau) from my relatives. Haha. Special right?

Unfortunately, I did not get any golden key pendant (Which symbolizes freedom) or a car key (Which most guys prefer instead of getting a golden key pendant).

This is one of the best ones I got:

Just like what everyone told me: "You're now a big boy, if you're fortunate enough, you are already somebody's father, must take care and behave yourselves." .... And my reaction was like, Err... Ok... haha.

Oh yea, to those who wished me-

Aaron Issac Rachel Yi Yen
Afif Jim Keu Sam Yee Mun
Alan Joo Lian See Yee Terrence
Anisha Khar Yee Shaun Tan Wen Hui
Atika Bux Kit Mun Shie Yee Vahid
Beatrice Kok Chin Teow Khook Apple Lek
Bee Ting Li Wen Tze Hua Nicholas Koo
Chye Nin Logann Wan Yin Ho Lim
Cindy Manisha Wai Loong Phei Szi
Fang Hai May Yee Wai Teng Shin Yeen
Faris Omar Melvin Wei Leng Ming Zen
Frank Tan Norliana Wei Lun LG
Gideon Yoong Pei Sen Wei Ni Couzzie
Heng Seng Pooi San Wei Siang Wei Haur
Heng Yue Pooi Yen Yin Ling Pik Yee

and also to those who I might have missed out.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.


So what happened on the eve of Chinese New Year?

We had our reunion dinner with my granny at my uncle's home,

Salty jellyfish yee sang

Arrowhead, chinese sausage & salted duck (lap ngap)

Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, bean with roasted pork

Abalone with mushroom & chicken feet

Steamed chicken

Steamed fish

Stir fried spicy prawns

Soup of the Day: Ginkgo nuts & pork stomach soup

We also had some X.O. cognac which my grandparents has been keeping for more than 15 years.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year (Chor Yat 初一),
Tea Ceremony
And followed by house visits (拜年).

Last but not least, to all Chinese,

p.s.: See you guys during our annual house raiding. Looking forward to it. =)
Monday, 19 January 2009

Mr. Bad Mood

Due to the various factors and events happening around me for the past few days, I'm currently having an extremely bad mood; no mood to eat, no mood to study, no mood to work, no mood to play, no mood to talk, no mood to care... etc.

Who says men do not have PMSes?
I daresay that I'm currently having a great one:

Mood-less, crappy, tired, sad, headache, eye ache, stomachache, sleepy, sick, frustrated, sensitive, irritated, depressed, lost, angry, lonely, annoyed, rebellious, ignorance, inconsiderate, lazy, bored, bad temper, sour face... etc. I'm having almost all of them at once.

Hey girls, do these "features" satisfy the "requirements" for having PMSes?

Somebody SAVE me!!!
I feel like screaming out loud.
I'm super duper lost!!!
& I need to escape!!!

p.s. I'm sorry if I'd unintentionally offended anyone during this period,
Hope you all will understand my current situation.

I hope that things will get better soon.
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Take On The UM Student Council Election

My Uni's Student Council Election is around the corner.

Many brainwashing activities, emotional remarks, back-stabbing & threats has been going on over this 2 weeks.

Wastage of funds, kidnapping, protesting, flag burning & fighting are common towards the candidate-naming as well as the election day.

But what is the real purpose behind all this?
-- Power-Hungry bastards trying to manipulate other people's thoughts in order to achieve their own desire, even though it does not have anything to do with the development of the university?
Or people trying to gain other's trust by simply making allegations?

Think for yourself, are you voting for a particular person plainly because he/she:
- is your friend?
- is your course mate?
- is of your own race?
- is your hostel mates?
- looked more reliable?
- looked more charming?
- is the person whom the others influences/asks/forces/threatens you to vote for?

- ...(you simply do not have a choice, you vote because you're required to do so)

For which ever reasons, do not ever let your emotions conquer your rationality.
Do not blindly follow the others' footsteps.

I'm not here to ask you not to vote,
but Vote Smart, Vote with Confidence & most important you Vote Rationally.

And if you still could not decide who to vote for on the very moment you're standing in front of the ballot box, vote for Nobody. Remember, it's not a necessity to vote & it is definitely not a sin if you don't vote! You will not get yourself into any trouble if you do not vote!


Pause, and ask yourself, who are you? Are you really a University student? Or you're just another nobody out there who didn't get a chance to study, currently working like hell trying to earn for a living?
Then why are you not working towards your initial intentions when you first received your acceptance letter into the university?
Why waste most of your time participating in activities, playing games, skipping classes, not paying attention during classes and neglecting your studies?

At the end of the day, end up not getting to graduate?
And become the next hostel administrator?

Please do not waste that seat you're taking up in the Uni whereas there is someone else out there who deserves more than you do, dying to get a place in Uni but did not manage to get it.

Conclusion is... Please, USE YOUR GOD DAMN BRAIN!!!

And so some of you might think... Who the hell am I to say this to you?

I’m not representing any of the competing ideological parties/bodies/organizations because I do not side any.

I'm just a student... who is fed up with those morons out there.


And if you can read Malay, read on (source: Friendster's Bulletin Board posted by Afif- 2nd-Year student in UM)

Apati Pelajar Tahun Satu

Pilihan Raya Kampus (PRK) kini berbunga kembali… Mahasiswa Universiti yang dipilih menjadi Calon sama ada Pro-Mahasiswa mahupun Pro-Aspirasi kini masing-masing mempertaruhkan manifesto-manifesto mereka…kononnya demi kebajikan dan kepentingan Mahasiswa. Tetapi ada segelintir calon sahaja yang melunaskan janji-janji manis mereka dan selebihnya hanya menjadi “Pak Turut” kepada pihak yang mencaturkan sistem ini. Inilah yang sering berlaku acapkali sehingga ianya menjadi klise menjelangnya musim PRK.

Dalam hal ini, Mahasiswa perlu sedar bahawa apa yang pentingnya disini ialah, anda mempunyai hak dan kebebasan dalam memilih calon yang mempunyai kredibiliti dan memperjuangkan kebajikan Mahasiswa pada hari ini. Bukannya calon yang bijak mempersetan dan beromong kosong dalam meraih undi simpati terutamanya dari pelajar tahun satu…cukup sadis dengan tindakan mereka ini. Apa yang perlu ialah calon yang dipilih itu bukan calon yang dicaturkan oleh sistem atau golongan elit yang bermatlamat tertentu tetapi seorang calon yang dipilih oleh mahasiswa demi mahasiswa itu sendiri. Akhirnya, wujudlah simtom yang dinamakan “mengkhinzir buta” oleh golongan mahasiswa tanpa mindanya dijana oleh mahasiswa itu sendiri… Adakah Mahasiswa kita pada hari ini hanyalah seperti layang-layang? Iaitu kebebasan layang-layang itu dikawal oleh penariknya. Maka ini hanyalah menjadikan Mahasiswa itu seperti ”serumpun lalang” yang tidak mempunyai platform dan pendirian yang tetap mahupun kritis.

Universiti adalah tempat dimana Mahasiswa berkeupayaan untuk berfikir secara kritikal bukannya yang direncanakan untuk menjadi robot atau Mahasiswa Boneka. Tindak-tanduk Mahasiswa sebenarnya ditentukan oleh Mahasiswa sendiri dan bukannya oleh pihak berkepentingan individualistik. Keadilan sosial dan hak Mahasiswa adalah pencetus kepada keseimbangan Negara dalam era marcapada kini. Jangan menjadi seperti burung merpati, mata terlepas badan terkurung… gahnya bergelar sebagai MAHASISWA UNIVERSITI tetapi tidak seGah peranannya sebagai Mahasiswa yang berintelektual. Pada hakikatnya masa kini, kita dapat melihat bahawa Mahasiswa tahun satu lebih cenderung menjadi apati iaitu tidak mengambil tahu tentang kesan yang bakal mereka peroleh apabila tersilap merencanakan calon mereka. Apati dalam konteks ini ialah Mahasiswa mengambil tindakan kalut dengan mengikut apa yang telah dipaksa dan dicaturkan oleh “gagak” itu…kenapa? Mahasiswa ini telah diugut dengan pelbagai ancaman tsunami kotor dan kolot mereka dalam mengekalkan pengaruh mereka yang begitu menjijikkan itu…inilah karenah birokrasi kita pada hari ini yang menggunakan prinsip matlamat menghalalkan cara...aku untung, poket kembung…

Wahai Mahasiswa Tahun Satu…ingatlah bahawa, mangkin kepada perubahan dan kebaikan Mahasiswa itu bukannya datang daripada gagak-gagak ini tetapi ianya lahir daripada Mahasiswa itu sendiri… akibatnya, apa yang kita takuti dan turuti itu menyebabkan kita bagaikan “melepaskan anjing yang tersepit” akhirnya ianya akan mengigit kita semula…

Pilihlah calon anda dengan telus dan tepat tanpa sebarang provokasi yang songsang supaya anda tidak dihegemonikan dengan ancaman mahupun ugutan merewang daripada pihak yang tidak berintelktualistik ini. Hak anda perlu diketengahkan dan jadikan ugutan mereka sebagai daun-daun kering yang berguguran tanpa sedikit pun mendatangkan faedah kepada kita…


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2009!!!

I sincerely thank everyone for making 2008 a fantastic year. May 2009 be a bigger and better year ahead!

p.s - Are you going to keep your New Year's resolutions?

Check out this article: Avoiding the failure trap of New Year's Resolution (here).