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Monday, 4 June 2007

My Crew - Annual 4 Schools Joint Gathering

第五届 四校联欢会 - 春夏秋冬
5th Annual Four Schools Chinese Culture Society Joint Gathering
- Spring Summer Autumn Winter.

This event was jointly organized by the Chinese Culture Society from 4 prestigious schools in KL namely CBN, SBU, SJI & VI on the 2nd of June 2006. This is the 5th consecutive year we organize it together. This year, the event was held in St. John since VI has been hosting for the past four years.

I was assigned as the treasurer for this event with the help from 3 form 4 assistants from 3 other schools. They are: Patrick (St. John), Charmane (CBN) and Agatha's sister- Pyin Yea (SBU). They were helpful and cooperative although there were some sponsorship problems from CBN. Patrick is very dedicated to his job as he helped me a lot on the event planning. Charmane is smart, although she is a little quiet. And Pyin Yea, she is cheerful and very, very committed to her job.

Patrick is a boy in glasses with a round face, crew cut and a tan muscular body because he is a school athlete. He went to school everyday during the preparation and helped everyone to make this event a success. Charmane.. a girl with tan skin and very quiet. Also a very Geng one. Pyin Yea...Short version of Taiwanese actress Da S (大S). She is shorter than her younger brother, a quick talker but still can't beat Pei Theng and very semangat. In the first meeting, she did the accounts statement which I later told her that it was my job, and her face grew red. Haha.. I often tease her.

On the day of the event, they even stayed back just to hand me their account statements. And later we also estimated the profit gained.

We also snapped some group photos before we leave.

Patrick, Pyin Yea and me...Charmane is missing

Fantastic 4

With the endless assistants provided from my crew, we successfully gained more profit and sponsorships compared to last year!
Well done guys!

Ps. Don't forget that I owe you guys an "Abalone Candy"... ;P

Till we meet again...