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Friday, 26 June 2009

The Secret

This is a multiple password protected text.
Please enter any of the passwords to reveal this secret.

Password 1 hint: The feilou who drives a maroon colour Kancil.(2 words, as usual, both words are capitalized) ;)

Alternatively, if you do not know the previous answer, try this:

Password 2 hint: Surname of the person who acted as Chang Er (Goddess of the Moon) in PTCC 2008. (it's capitalized) ;)



Since some of you demanded for an update, so here's a brief one.

End of April to 1st week of May - Final Exams
2nd week of May - Langkawi trip
3rd week of May - AIESEC National Pioneers Camp 2009 in YMCA Ipoh
4th week of May - Bali trip
5th week of May to 2nd week of June - Village Community Service in Gertak Sanggul, Penang
3rd week of June - AIESEC National Convention 2009 in UKM
4th week of June - Preparation for AIESEC's recruitment drive and supporting UM Information Technology Fiesta. + Some random outings.

So this is one heck of a "holiday" for me. I've been very very busy since 2 months ago.
And it's getting more intense towards this coming July.
Not liking it but still doing, what the heck?!

Perhaps, if time allows, I will post about some of the things I'd gone through this holidays.

In the mean time, would you guys just give me some break?

Beauty And The Beast

I'm sure many of you had seen a famous Disney story, Beauty & The Beast.
Have you ever wonder why did Bella, the village girl end up falling in love with the cruel, ugly beast in the castle, instead of choosing the handsome guy from her village?

This happens in the real world too.
Pretty girls end up being with ugly dudes.
& handsome dudes end up being with the not-so-pretty girls.

Base on my observations and after doing some reasoning & calculations:

A girl has the rights to choose who she wants to be with, yes?
So let's talk about the pretty girls first.

Undeniably, pretty girls have an advantage over the other girls simply because they have more options.

The reason they would rather choose to be with ugly dudes because they want to avoid the risk when being with handsome dudes. Handsome dudes are not so faithful to their partner (varies individually). They might easily fall in love with someone else because any girl would like to be with them.

So pretty girls prefer to be with ugly dudes, because ugly dudes usually are more faithful to their partners, especially the pretty ones. Provided if there is no other pretty girl who likes them at the same time.

So, after every ugly dudes in the world has been "grabbed" by the pretty girls, the remaining ones are the handsome dudes.

And now the not-so-pretty girls have an advantage here, unless the handsome dudes prefer to be either gay, or single for life.

In conclusion, this will be a Win-Win situation - for the girls.

As for the dudes, if you would like to have a pretty partner, be ugly!
To the handsome ones: don't worry mate, if you want to have a pretty wive, you might need to sacrifice some of your handsomeness & pray hard that a pretty lady will choose to be with you.

Look at the people around you. I would say this is quite true and the hypothesis turns out to be pretty accurate.

Ooo... Yeah!

=) Cheers!