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Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Film Not To Be Missed

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting my 1st motion picture debut -
El Tío Loco: En El Décimo (The Crazy Fella: At The 10th).
Starring the one and only Me and my camera.

The story tells about a guy from a city named Koala Loom Poor who turns from an innocent man into an absolute-idiotic-and-crazy Macha when he decided to step out of his comfort zone and stay in a small village called El Décimo (The 10th).

This is definitely a film not to be missed.
You can watch his actions for free at this link --> El Tío Loco: En El Décimo.
The movie is also available VCR, VCD, DVD and of course Blu-Ray Discs.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab your popcorn, sit down and enjoy the movie folks!
(Giler Syok


LM.2000 Annual Gathering 2008

Attention all Lai Meng: Alumni Y2K members,

This year, we will be having our annual gathering at a location not far from the place we were from - Wong Kok Char Chan Teng Hong Kong Restaurant (旺角茶餐厅), 6th Floor, Pavilion KL. It'll be on the 7th of December 2008 (Sunday) at 1200hrs.
Pavilion KL, Level 6 Floor Plan

Please inform the other members of the alumni -- your friends about this event.
See you there!

If you have Facebook, do visit our event site: CLICK HERE

For inquiries, please contact:

Joey Tay: 016-3010572
joeytay_88 [at] hotmail [dot.] com

Janice: 014-6411788
loli.pop-loli.pop [at] hotmail [dot] com

King Mang - 016-9643619
king_mang [at] hotmail [dot] com

Jun Yen - 017-3309430
jyphoon [at] gmail [dot] com
Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Favourite Songs by The Corrs

These are a couple of my favourite songs sung by The Corrs, I think they have super nice lyrics and music. I never get bored listening to these songs over and over again. Enjoy...
  • 1. Only When I Sleep
  • 2. Runaway
  • 3. What Can I Do?
  • 4. Radio
  • 5. So Young
  • 6. Toss The Feathers

Tell me if you love it too .. =)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Party Baby

I found this hilarious video from Youtube. The kid is a party animal.

Enjoy the head bopping baby! (These days kids start partying from young). Haha.
Lets party!!! Woohoo.......

What's Up Next?

Up Next: 10th Residential College Night of Lantern Festival - COMPREHENSIVE VERSION

I've started drafting on the topic and because it is "COMPREHENSIVE", it'll take some time to prepare for it.

FYI, my finals is around the corner, therefore I need to concentrate more on preparing for my exams.
So at the moment, it'll take a longer time for me to post a new topic until my finals are over - in mid of November.

All the best to everyone out there preparing for their tests and exams.
Econ Resources

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Festive Greetings

Since today is still the 21st day of Aidilfitri, I hope it's still not too late to wish the Muslims Happy Eid Mubarak .. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
and to the Indians, Happy Diwali.

Especially to :
Yani (Exco), Syeadzatul (8thRC), Alif (3rdRC) & Wani (2ndRC) of FESKUM '08
Mr. Subash, Pn. Faezah ... (PTM)
Mr. Lingam ... (PTK)
Pn. Vasantha, Pn. Jayakarrupiah, Pn. Jayaselvi, Pn. Azizah, Dt. Maimun, Pn. Sharifah, Pn. Roslina, Pn. Ayu, Pn. Norhana, Pn. Norzaidah, Cik. Rozina, Pn. Eliza, Mr.Ramani, Mr.Ghana ... (Blue Bull Trainers)
Jeya, Hazim, Belvinder, Zuriati ... (VITAC)
Faris Omar, Vicky Waren, Thiagu, Vivek, Chris George, Suprha, Azmad, Iylia, Ahmed, Alif, Jazlan, Syah, Azman, Arrif, Haris ... (Victorians)
Ifwat, Amirul & Hazrul (TITAS), Kak Di & fellow PMs, Annas, Benyamin, Kak Sarah Pn. Shahida & Dr. "AssPro" College Master ... (10thRC)
Mr. Emran, Mr. Dean, Mr. Zaidi (FSCIT UM)
Cpl Farid Daim and bro, Cpl Ashvinder, Arif, Amir Malik Merican, my Seniors & Juniors (VIRCS)
Alif & Blur (1stRC), Alif & Lia, Filicita, Yuven ... (AIESECers)
Natalia (CBNRCS)
Siti Fairus ... (TSPandanIndah)