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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

How to construct a sentence from 1 to 10

This is hilarious...
even an Englishman could not construct sentences using numeric!

Exclusively only to great Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese....

Ah Lek was asked to make a sentence using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 .
Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again back to 1.

This was what he came up with...

1 day I go 2 climb up a 3 outside a house to peep.
But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4 down.
The man rush out and wanted to 5 with me.
I run so fast until I fall 6 and throw up.
So I go into 7 eleven and grab some 8 to throw at him.
Then I took a 9 and try to stab him.
10 God he run away.
So, I put the 9 back and pay for the 8 and left 7 eleven.
Next day, I call my boss and say I am 6.
He said 5, tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work.
He also asks me to climb a 3 and jump down.
I don't understand, I so nice 2 him but I don't know what he 1

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Oh Great....So Much For Multi-racial Country

PM - reprimand and discipline Jamaluddin Jarjis for racist remarks against Malaysian Indians in California

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should reprimand and discipline the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Seri Dr. Jamaludin Jarjis for his disgraceful conduct in making racist and derogatory remarks about Malaysian Indians when he met Malaysian students in California on Monday (30th April).

During his official visit to California on Monday, Jamaludin met some of the Malaysian students studying in California especially the ones from TPM Academy twinning programme at the Belacan Grill Malaysian Restaurant, Redondo Beach, Ca.

One of the students was Sheena Moorthy, a third-year Biotech Malaysian student in CALYPOLY.

Sheena complained that during the 3 ½ hour session, Jamaludin passed a few racial remarks on her, being one of the two Indians present there.

Sheena has formally written to the Prime Minister to complain against Jamaludin for the "totally uncalled - for racial insults", citing the following instances:

Incident 1 - Each student had to briefly introduce themselves. When it came to her turn, while speaking he interrupted her and asked if she knew Samy Vellu, because he knows him. She did not see any relevance in that and he mentioned it a few times for no apparent reason.

Incident 2 - He gave a speech regarding how agriculture started in Malaysia. He mentioned how the British invested in Malaysia and made farmers work. Due to the lack of work force, "buruh India" was brought in. While mentioning this, he looked at her saying "that's how we get Indians in Malaysia".

Incident 3 - After saying he is going to get MARA to help the Bumiputra students, he looked at her and asked "How many Indians are here?" Sheena did not keep track of number of Indian students so she mentioned that in the room there were two (pointing to another Malaysian Indian friend, who is fair skinned) and Jamaludin looked at him and asked "Oh. You are an Indian? Which means you are an upper class Indian and she is the lower class one" (pointing at her). Jamaludin went on to say that, "Oh, I am not going to help upper class Indians, I only help the lower class ones. They are the ones that need it'.

Sheena left the room feeling very insulted as the Minister had judged her based on her skin colour.

This incident happened in front of a crowd of about 100 people including students, officials from the Malaysian Consulate, TPM, Tourism Malaysia, etc. But everyone is afraid and nobody is prepared to stand up to speak the truth.

I can fully understand Sheena's hurt feelings at being humiliated andinsulted by Jamaluddin in public. All right-thinking Malaysians should support Sheena's demand for a public apology from Jamaludin.

Sheena's sister, Dr. Sheela Moorthy, who is currently living in the USA and supporting her sister's education at CalyPoly, is so incensed that she has written to the media to express her disgust and anger that a Minister of a multi-racial country should be making such racist and derogatory remarks about Malaysian Indians at a function abroad, giving the country a bad image.

Sheena has also written to complain about Jamaludin's biased and disgraceful conduct to several Malaysian Ministers, including the MIC President and Works Minister, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

I hope Samy Vellu would raise the Sheena issue at the Cabinet meeting next Wednesday to add his voice to the growing demand for public apology from Jamaludin and to support the Prime Minister to reprimand and take disciplinary action against the Science, Technlogy and Innovation Minister.

Jamaludin is still in the United States as he is currently leading a 300-man Malaysian delegation to the Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO) Convention in Boston, Massachussets.

Well I do agree 100 % with what Sheena did which indirectly highlighted the silliness of our Ministers. Pity her for having a hard time on this.

Let hope this Minister's name be heard in the High Court for causing such shame of his country as a Minister of a Multi-racial country as well as being a representative of the country during that incident. And hopefully got sacked for such a silly mistake.......SHAME ON YOU !!..


VI Carnival Day 2007

Victoria Institution’s carnival is back!
and this year it will be better than ever!
It will be on the 16th of June, 2007 (SAT)
from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00p.m.

Be amazed at all the fun and excitement that awaits you
within the gates of Victoria Institution.
With up to about 101 stalls,
consisting of many entertainment, food and game stalls,
this is one carnival most suitable for both the young and old.

Coupons can be purchased before or even on the carnival day itself!
Limited coupons are available,
so what are you waiting for?!

Go ahead and spread the word!
You do not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!
We eagerly await your presence,
here at Victoria Institution,
where Everything Awaits You!

Thank you!

plz do repost this in your blogs

Can't Sleep!!!!!!!!!

Date: 6-May-2007 (SUN)
Time: 2345 hrs

My family had gone to bed. My mum asked me to sleep early while I was still surfing the net.

Well..I was delighted because I finally found my friends' blog after a hard time trying every possible address - because I'd forgotten their addresses =P

At first I've found Shim Hwa's aka Zagroth and subsequently found Benny's, Mun Keat's, Bryan's and Ivan's blog linked from there.
I would wished to add their blog addresses in mine. But how?
Anyway, I'll first tell them about my new blog and ask them the way to do it later.

Their blogs were colourful and interesting, especially Mun Keat's.
On his blog, there is a huge wing-like animation and words barring his nick name on it.
Also, he had posted a cartoon art which I think was created by himself for each post he publish.

I wonder how he did that....Because I don't remember that he was good in graphics. In fact, he never tell me about it....

Whereas Shim Hwa's and Bryan's blogs were full of photos taken from Australia Ivan's and Benny's were nice too.=)

Date: 7-May-2007 (MON)
Time: 0210 hrs

Mum came down and ask me to sleep.
So I went to bed..
Roll..roll...and roll
Although I'm physically exhausted...
But still counldn't sleep...
My mind was still active....
Too active....
Ideas and thoughts keep flooding in.
Help!!!!! sob.. =,(

0245 hrs-
I switched on the lights
and jotted down all the thoughts
on my biology project book..

0310 hrs-
Tried to sleep...but failled
So I woke up again and
reached for the newpapers..
flipped to the sudoku page
and did the most difficult one
hoping my mind could get exhausted

0333 hrs-
Completed sudoku...
Looked on my watch...
'Quite' tired...
So I tried to sleep.
Rolled around my bed..

0400 hrs-
Finally succeeded - I Slept....!!!

Monday, 7 May 2007

6th of March

This is the day where I started blogging. I crapped so much until my blog is full of rubbish. Anyway, this only the 1st day.. there are more to come..............Whenever I'm free.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Why Z'ian? And Why Jyphoon

Well, both are closely related my given name - Jun Yen. I initially changed the spelling of my real name to 'Zun Ian' as my screen name because many people have the same opinion that my last name sounded feminine, including myself (the 1st word was changed for fun).

Later I found out that it sounds cool to use the initial Z instead of 'Zun' added with an apostrophe followed by the last name. There comes the name Z'ian. It also doubles up as my English name since my real name sounded exactly similar to it when it is pronounced swiftly.

For those who know me, they'll recognise and understand why did I put Jyphoon instead of my full name. 'Jyphoon' is a simplified version of my name. The letters 'J' and 'Y' are the initials of my last name while 'Phoon' is my surname.


This is a picture taken from my timetable. It shows my Screen Name being written in such a way that it still can be read from upside down. Interesting huh? I got inspired and tried to it out after seeing some samples posted on the internet. This art has a name but I don't remember what is it called. I'll post the name once I get to find it out next time. Anyway, you too can try to create it once you've figured it out. Good Luck =)



Hi there.
Recently I felt that I should get a place to share my views, thoughts, experiences and perhaps some photos with everyone. So I set up this blog, since most of my friends have been blogging for some time already.
Hope you guys could spend some time to drop by and maybe leave some of your opinions here.