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Tuesday, 30 September 2008


In just a few weeks, a number of students have been infected by the Rubella virus a.k.a. German Measles. A virus stereotyped by most Malaysians as a virus that only be harmful to female especially when they are pregnant. Due to the fact that most female students have already received their vaccine during their schooling days, and the Heath Ministry has not taken any initiative to provide the males with the vaccine injection over the years, I would proudly inform that most of the infected students were males. They simply have not develop any resistance whatsoever towards the virus.

Do read up this site from NPHS for Wales to get to know more about this virus. Who knows, you might be able to spot the infected person and prevent yourself from getting infected.

So, what did the U do to help to solve that problem? Of course, they order their nurses to sting everyone with the vaccine.....It wasn't so bad actually.
They had scheduled sessions for the students and staff from every faculty and residential college to get the vaccination.

Coincidentally I wasn't there on the day they come to my hostel, so I had take the trouble to stay back for a day (as most of my friends has already gone back to their home on the previous day) and travel on my own to the Uni's Student Health Clinic to get my vaccination. Luckily it did not take long and the injection was painless... haha. I would also thank the bus driver who did not take leave to go back to his hometown, or else I'll have to walk like hell to that place...

So, if you ever meet someone with measles-like infection, quickly inform the authorities.

This is only one of the symptoms..
Take care.


10th Residential College Lantern Festival Celebration..

Hi guys, after nearly 3 weeks of sudden disappearance, I'm back again.
As usual, I was seen busying with tonnes of stuff and I only blog whenever I'm free.

I'm currently having my Raya holidays which lasts for 10 days and thus I'm free, literally. My god, I still have lots of stuff to do and catch up with: My Programming and Principles of Information System assignments, preparation with the upcoming Lantern Festival Celebration at my hostel and of course, my studies (Final exam's in Nov!!).
Alright, lets get back to the topic.
The 3rd installment of the 10th Residential College Lantern Festival Celebration..
It'll be on the Friday after the holidays. 10/10/2008 at 10th Residential College...What a coincidence.. Must buy lottery.. haha .

I'm basically busying with everything, or should I say Keh Poh-ing around. I'm in the sketch as a voice actor, helped Frankie Tan with his invitation card design, helped Rachel with the Hostel Master and Organising Chairman's speeches and letters, helping Ho Lim with his decoration works - we went down the hill once to the Komplex PerdanaSiswa just to get tonnes of decorative lanterns from Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya (PTUM) and climb back up the hill to our hostel.. had a hard time doing that.

Not forgetting my job in the sponsorship department, went out on a Saturday to purchase needed stuff for out dedication campaign, went to a few hostels to promote the event as well as to sell out our dedications. We're basically doing what isn't in our scope of job - helping the Publicity Department to hand out fliers and promote the event.
Besides, I have to prepare the budget and control the overall expenditure of the event as well as purchase and prepare food, souvenir and even the tray for souvenir presentation for the event... as the treasurer. Weird isn't it? Treasurer doing Event Coordination (TTK) jobs...Hmm.. this is interesting.. haha..

Anyway, I've learned a lot from what I've experienced so far:
1. One must be able to do EXTREME multitasking.
2. Use your brain!! Brainstorming is important! (Otak Pnya RPM kena cepat sikit!!).
3. Don't be a GHOST MEMBER!
4. Keep constant communication.
5. You may fool around, but when it comes to work, BE SERIOUS!
6. Leadership skills are very important.
7. Plan before you execute.
8. Be fair to everyone.
9. Know your scope and your boundaries.
10. Don't be selfish. There is absolutely NO HARM lending a hand.
11. Be strong.
12. You can be nocturnal but health is more important.
13. Solve misunderstandings as early as possible before it's too late.
14. Speak out your mind. Be frank, just like Frankie..hahaha
15. Time management.
16. Leave no one behind.
17. Unity and mutual understanding.
18. Don't pick up your own fliers if others throw them on the floor. ...(This is for my ref. But why? Isn't protecting the environment more important than your face? What the hell?)

and many more...

That's all for the Lantern Festival.

Next up..

Friday, 5 September 2008

The New Guy In Town

It's not a guy actually,
What I'm talking about is the new browser from Google
- the Google Chrome (Beta).

Google claims that its product is much faster and more capable at handling the increasingly larger web programs that run in browsers nowadays, which would help boost surfing speed, and it has lots of revolutionary functions which is not available in other browsers eg. Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari.... (lets not talk about IE shall we - you know how much it sucks) and they have improvised on the functions which are currently available on its counterparts.

I won't be reviewing the application yet, just wanna share this new product with everyone.

It can be downloaded from the site:

And this is the interesting thing that I have just dug from the web:
A 38-page comic book explaining its features by Google,drawn by Scott McCloudat at:

Below are some of the functions available on Google Chrome.

First off,

Chrome offers tabbed browsing — nothing new to Firefox and Internet Explorer users. But with Google’s browser, each tab functions independently; meaning that if a fatal error occurs in one tab, for example, only that tab needs to be closed.

With the other browsers, such an error would result in the user having to close all the tabs and restart the browser.

Google has also gone back to the drawingboard with Chrome. It is introducing its own Javascript virtual machine developed by a company called V8, from Denmark.

As for the other functions... read the comic or download and try it yourself.

And most of all, it's FREE! So, no harm trying, right?


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Official Protest... Banana who?

Due to recent allegations and misunderstanding that I am a banana, from many of my friends in UM.
I would like to officially clarify that in fact I am NOT.
I was a Chinese School student back in primary and I got straight As for my UPSR examinations which are mostly tested in Mandarin especially the Mandarin language paper.
I can read, write, speak and even CURSE in Mandarin.

So, why do you still think that I'm a banana, huh?

Even my first roommate still thinks that I'm a banana even though we have know each other for 2 months. Cis! Kek Sei Ngor.. Here's the proof:

The moral of the story:

I ain't BANANA !!!


Where? What? Why? How? Who? So? - Part 2: The Elaboration.

To those who wanted to Kepoh more, here's it:

University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Earth, The Milky Way.

Studying BSc. in Computer Science and busying with other stuffs to get myself out of this course while trying to enjoy campus life and make the most out of it.

Because I still haven't have any interest in the subject...yet. I would rather study Biology than doing Mathematics - which is a fundamental subject for Computer Science. Still trying hard to understand and fall in love with this subject.

It happened for various reasons:
1. Not enough preparation for the aptitude test, drawing test and interview for UTM's Architecture course.
2. Too many applicants this year. They choose only 50 out of approx. 140 candidates.
3. Didn't do well in my drawing test due to misinterpretation. Silly me.
4. I could have done better.
5. etc.

I should blame myself, for not been able to try hard enough for my test cum interview and practice hard during the holidays.
Maybe I could also put a little blame on the Ministry of Higher Education, for tossing me into this course.

So, I'm trying all my best and on all possible ways to get me out of this mess and into a path I have interest in. I'm currently applying for a transfer to the Architectural Course and applying for a Cadet Pilot recruitment programme. Well, I think I would rather choose piloting over architecture (because I think that I'm not creative enough to be an Architect). Anyway, for now, any one of them will do. Haha.

All The Best To Me!


Where? What? Why? How? Who? So?

For those who still do not know what am I currently doing, this post is intended to inform you guys of my whereabouts and what the hell am I doing.


University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.


Studying BSc. in Computer Science but trying to change course, busying with other stuffs and trying to enjoy campus life.


No interest...yet. And Still trying.


It happened because I'm not fortunate enough.


I should blame myself. BODOH! And of course, the Ministry of Higher Education.


So, I'm trying all possible ways to pursue my dreams and interest.

If you would like to know more, please read the next post.


Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone out there!

It has been 1 1/4 year I last posted here.
Sorry for not being active in blogging as I had many things to settle.
Anyway, I'm back and all set to start posting again. All thanks to Benny and Mun Keat for reminding me about my dead blog.. haha.

I will try to update as many past and present events that I have been through as I can remember in the coming post.

So, keep visiting and please hit me hard on my head if I ever stop blogging without reasons..

Stay tuned for my next post...