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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How's Life Treating You Lately?

My answer would nevertheless be:
a) Bad
b) Sucks
c) Terrible
d) Miserable
e) Horrible
f) Stressful
g) Hectic
h) Tired
i) Frustrating
j) Restless
k) All the above stated
Since end of April 2009, I've been participating in many activities which now causes me to not have any time to rest. Most of the activities are hectic but meaningful, some are relaxing, but some, which I just realised, are pointless.

After almost 3 months / 12 weeks / 90 days, I'm still in this condition. It seriously worries me, 'cause uni semester has already started for a month and I still do not have the time to seriously care about my studies. I don't even have the time and reason to be happy. Or I should say, I'm not enjoying and not happy with the current situation. I'm not in good mood these months due to the lack of ample rest and I'm afraid that I might collapse or loose my temper any time now.
I've always thought that if I were a GPS Receiver, I will recalculate my route to reach my destination. Hence from now onwards, I will do what's best for me: to reconsider all my previous decisions, stop/limit on my participation in activities and focus more on my academics.
Although I'm currently holding positions in some activities (especially one of them, which takes up most of my time & I had to sacrifice many other experience & opportunities, just because of it), I might consider choosing not to bother anything else other than what I want to focus on. You can call me irresponsible and I shall call you inconsiderate.
I'm considering to 放手,放开所有。

All I need now is a trouble, stress-free, good long rest.
I think it's time for me to cut the crap and save the trouble.

I need this badly!