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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Choosing The Right Path

I'm currently standing at a junction,
where there are a couple of long and wide paths which I need to consider.
But time is ticking, and I need to make decision fast.
For each and every path, there are huge commitments to be taken
& lots of sacrifice to be made.
Where the path will take me to in the future, is unknown.

If I were to compare myself to most of my peers,
I must say that my condition is different.
So, please don't ask me to follow.
Although I would like to be like you, enjoying a simple life,
but the truth is, I couldn't.

And this is why I'm taking such a long time to make a decision.
To avoid any regrets in the future.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Holy Crap!!!

Today, I had the crappiest day of my life... so far.
Theme song of the day : Daniel Powter - Bad Day

First, I slept probably at 3 or 4 in the morning
... Didn't sleep well due to the raw egg almond tea and also the blended iced coffee & tea drink we had a couple of hours ago in SS/2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng while celebrating Philip's 21st birthday ... everyone had stomachache the whole night!!

Suddenly, I thought about the bicycle I was supposed to lend Jason a few hours ago... the gear chain was dislocated the last time I ride it back and I'd forgotten to fix it.


Anyway, in the morning, during my 1st class - Computer System Architecture, I was emotionless & my movements were slow, but still I managed to concentrate during the class..

After that, Software Engineering... Vahid & I were supposed to perform a mock interview in front of the class.
Ok, whatever, since the others don't want to do it...
The preparation was hectic, we had to think of the questions to be asked and answered.

After the class, I went back to my hostel room for a nap before the Software Engineering assignment discussion at 2.

1400 - 1630 went back to my faculty and discussed about the assignment
It was mind tiring.

After that, went back and slept from 5pm - 9pm

A call on my phone woke me up - (for the 1st time in my life!). It was Jiong Kit, he called to ask me about venue of the meeting I'm supposed to attend in at 2000hrs.
He told me that KPS was in total darkness and he had no idea where the others are meeting up.

Then I checked my watch - 2100.....and i thought ...erm 7pm?
err. wait a minute... noooo!
its 9 pm already!!
What happen to my processor?
How could I mix up between 1900hrs & 2100hrs since I've been using the 24hr format on my watch all along.

So basically I had overslept and missed that meeting... sigh

Never mind, then I had the food dad brought from home for my dinner, which was supposed to be my lunch..... Hmm.. I think I can taste alcohol in it.. probably due to the food chemical reaction after a long day.

Went to my bicycle to check the gear, only then I notice that I had actually given the wrong password to Jason. Instead of 1246, i told him 4612... what the hell?!

I decided to look for him to apologise about it.
Along the way, I saw a few my friends returning from the hostel lobby and Pei Sen (one of the birthday girl) asked me why wasn't I there..... then i only knew that I'd missed out another thing... Birthday celebration for February babies..... oh nooo....

Now.. after blogging, I'll wash my Tupperware, take my shower, text my Ethnic Relations project group about the discussion tomorrow and then back to my studies- going to have 2 mid term tests next week.


So, those were the things I had on the crappiest day of my life... so far...
I wish it'll be over soon.

All the best to me then... =)
Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Will You Be His Valentine?

In conjunction with Valentines Day & the birthday of my friend, I would like to introduce a guy to all the girls out there... Yup, it's strictly for ladies only... (I guess =p).

Name: Philip
D.O.B: 19 February
Age: 21
Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese
Height: Approx. 180cm
Language proficiency: English, Mandarin, a little Malay.
Interest: Mathematics, Programming & Sky Diving.
Dislikes: Exercise and also things that are boring & pointless.
Description: One-in-a-million ladies' man, smart & nice guy.

Are you The ONE?

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

p/s. I hope someone will not kill me after this.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

They're Gone, One After Another.

Attending a friend's funeral is not a thing anyone could take it, especially when the deceased is more than just another one of your hi-bye friends. You'll think of the moments you had with him/her. And the next thing you'll notice your eyes and nose are grew red & the tears are on full throttle to roll out into action.

It was barely after midnight on the 6th of February, as I was preparing for my presentation, an instant message from Jiun Kei popped out through MSN messenger.

It goes like this:

- jiunkei -

yunchi left d

- jiunkei -

u know rite

Jun Yen v5


Jun Yen v5

holly shit

Jun Yen v5

as in...?

Jun Yen v5


- jiunkei -

she pass away d

Jun Yen v5


- jiunkei -

uknowshe got liver cancer rite

Jun Yen v5


Jun Yen v5

i knew she had cancer

Jun Yen v5


Jun Yen v5

how did you get to know about it

Jun Yen v5


- jiunkei -

her condition went unstable on monday

- jiunkei -

her frens and munsou

- jiunkei -

she masuk ICU

Jun Yen v5

i see

- jiunkei -

today noon i went visit her

- jiunkei -

suddenly she cant tahan anymore

Jun Yen v5

sad to hear that

- jiunkei -

she left

Jun Yen v5

very sad to hear that

Jun Yen v5

feel like crying

Jun Yen v5


- jiunkei -

i was there when she leave

- jiunkei -

the condition was quite horrible

- jiunkei -

when i reach there, i told her i'm jiun kei, im here to visit u

- jiunkei -

she wanted to respond, she cant

- jiunkei -

she can hardly open her eyes

- jiunkei -

just keep on jerking

Jun Yen v5

thats bad

- jiunkei -

at abt 2pm she left

Jun Yen v5


It was so sudden, so shocking. I felt like the world's tumbling down on me. My mood turned from idle to gloomy at that instance.

I still could clearly remember the moment where we had tuition classes and playing around the classes.
Why? She's such a smart, cheerful, positive & hardworking girl, although she can be quite mischievous at times. Just celebrated her 20th birthday on the 19th of December and now she's gone, forever, just like that.

She even called one of my friend to ask about some math questions before Chinese New Year.
And we got to know about her liver cancer during the Chinese New Year house-raiding.
But the next thing we got to know about her is: She's gone.

I think she had some early symptoms like discomfort on the stomach and vomiting 2 years ago when we were in Upper 6 but everyone thought it was just normal sickness & took it lightly, including herself.

She got to know about the cancer about 4 months ago but she delayed and was only emitted to hospital during the Chinese New Year, when her condition was at its worst.

I am worried about her boyfriend right now, Mun Sou. Although he looked tough when we saw him yesterday, but I know, deep down inside, he's extremely depressed. He did not manage to be with her when she dies.

During our visit to her funeral in Cheras Xiao En Center, I overheard that she had instant noodles for almost every meal and doesn't eat veggies, maybe that's the reason she got liver cancer.

There, I promised her, that we all will continue doing things that she couldn't managed to accomplish by living a life, better than hers, on her behalf.

I couldn't believe that we are gonna loose you forever, Yun Chi.
So sorry for not being able to attend and walk your last journey this coming afternoon.
May you Rest In Peace, my dear friend.
We will always remember you. =)

I sent my last text message to her, and I cried.

I've 2 close friends who have frequent gastric attacks, Shie Yee & Li Xian, I hope through this valuable lesson, you girls would change your attitude, don't starve yourself. I know I am quite naggy at times but, seriously I don't want this to happen to anyone of you.


Another friend of mine, Lim Sze Jian, my primary school classmate.
He's that UTAR student who got robbed and assaulted three years ago.

He was on his way back from his part-time job in the night of 19th September 2006, when he was robbed of his cell-phone and got hit on his head while he was trying to fighting back.
He called his father after the attack and was found unconscious at the Masjid Jamek LRT station after that.

He fell into a coma and was warded in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
We visited him in 2007 and he looked so skinny but he was showing signs of recovery. His parents were very optimistic on his recovery at that time.

He remained in coma and passed away almost 2 years later on Mother's Day, 12th of May 2008. He was 20 too. What a sad tragedy, he is so innocent.

His assaulter has not been apprehended till today.
(Newspaper articles on his incident: 1, 2, 3 )

Sometimes life can be very fragile. Who will know that the person you were talking to at that moment, can die in the next moment.


In 2005, one of my secondary school counselor (which I had forgotten his name), passed away after fell to his death while trying to save a person who's trapped during a game of Flying Fox at a motivational camp. He was a nice guy.

See, even good people also dies while trying to help the others.

Sometimes life can also be very unfair.
Treasure everyone around you, people.


In Loving Memories:
Aunt Kuk (Oct 1997)
Grandpa (Jun 1998)
Grandma (Aug 2001)
Grand dad (April 2004)
Mr. Counselor (Mid 2005)
Lim Sze Jian (May 2008)
Lai Yun Chi (Feb 2009)

Some of them passed away of cancers, some died of strokes, some from accidents and some from violence.
They are the precious Life Lessons to us.
People learn through the things they had done right & wrong.

The list will grow on and on, that's no doubt about it.
I know I shouldn't be saying this, but this is the truth.

My words to the next one in the list and also to everyone
please make sure that you live a life, stop doing things that you don't like, be happy, positive and optimistic & most importantly, cherish the people around you, tell them how much you care & love them.

Stop those quarrels, fights & dissatisfaction towards each other.

Who knows, the next person would be one them and you'll definitely regret it.

Lastly, I'm going to be naggy here.
Jiun Yee, eat your veggies!
Shie Yee & Li Xian, remember to eat!
Thiagu, Jiun Kei, Theen Chuan, Trivikram, Syah, just stop smoking!
Catherine Ting, stop eating those instant noodles so frequently!
& Mun Sou, I know, it's hard to take it, but dude, life must go on, be strong!


Lessons learned:
-Love yourself before you want others to love you-
-Cherish the people around you, tell them how much you care & love them-
-Have a healthy diet-
-Eat less instant noodles-
-Eat your veggies-
-Do not take sickness too lightly-
-Life must go on-